[ Spanish Classes ]


Why Choose LV Studio?

Our Convenient Location

We are located Palermo, a popular expat neighborhood in the heart of Buenos Aires dining and nightlife. Our studio is just one block off of Santa Fe Avenue and two blocks from the Palermo Subway stop (Line D).

Flexible Course Schedule

Based on your level test and needs analysis, we customize a course plan that is right for you.

Choose from a wide range of schedule options and if you can’t make it to our Palermo location, don’t worry! We can send an instructor to your home or business.

Quality Spanish Instruction

We combine two qualified teachers to make the course more dynamic and effective. In our experience, students are exposed to a greater variety of material when they work with more than one instructor.

Communicative Approach

Our method focuses on your conversation skills, teaching your to speak Spanish, not just memorize grammar. Of course, reading and writing exercises are also utilized to help you better incorporate the language.

Local Cultural Immersion:

Classroom activities complement your own personal experience in Buenos Aires, and our weekly social events give you the opportunity to meet others and immerse yourself in Argentine culture. We also have a language exchange buddy program so that you can practice with a local!

Lower Prices

Our Spanish classes and immersion trips are among the most affordable being offered in Argentina!


2 Responses to [ Spanish Classes ]

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  2. Bruna says:

    My name is Bruna, I’m from Brazil and I’m living here in Buenos Aires to learn spanish. I would like to know about the spanish course, If do you have a discount package for 6 months course, since basic to advanced level.

    Awaiting your comments,
    Thank you

    My contact: bruna.manira@hotmail.com

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