Looking for something to do this weekend?

Looking for something to do on this weekend? Celebrate carnival this long weekend by heading to Gualeguaychu! Located in the province of Entre Rios, and meaning ‘calm water river’ in Guarani, Gualeguaychu is the perfect gate-away for a weekend in the sun by the beach.

Arguably one of the best parties in Argentina, this weekend is not to be missed!  You can head there for Saturday night or for the whole weekend; from Retiro it’s only 3 hours away. While you are there you can lie on the beach, wander around, or eat at the many restaurants. You can also out the check out the parade (on Feb.18, 19, 20, 25 and March 3) or head to Solar del este camping where you can spend the night dancing on the beach.

The parade in Gualeguaychu is often compared to carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and Venice. Here are a few photos to get you excited!

If you can’t make it this weekend, and are looking for something to do in Buenos Aires, checkout free Milonga in La Boca or the Shakespeare festival, including Shakespeare in the park and Shakespeare by bike.  For the complete schedule click here.

And don’t worry, you still have two more weekends to check it out Gualeguaychu; the festivities last till March 3rd!

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