Beerlingual Trivia Nights!

Trivia + Beer + Spanglish = Beerlingual

Are you looking for a great way to meet new people and practice language outside of the classroom?

Then sign up for a Beerlingual Trivia night, hosted weekly in the heart of Palermo at Sugar Bar (a favorite among local expats!). A designated quizmaster will ask various questions, linking American and Argentine culture, and groups will compete to respond in a mix of Spanglish. You’ll have fun, learn a little but about Buenos Aires, and the win cool prizes such as bar tabs, event passes, and delicious treats!

Don’t speak Spanish?

Don’t worry! Some questions will be in all English and the purpose is to meet people and have fun. Let your group members help you!!

The check-in opens at 7 pm and continues until 7:30 pm. Be there early and bring exact change (30 pesos) to avoid the line! Please, just remember to RSVP before the event by sending an e-mail to

The events are normally held on Tuesday nights, but there will be one tonight, January 5th, at Sugar Bar @ 7 pm. We will be there and anyone that is interested in attending can meet us there!

Hope to see you tonight!

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