Transport to EZE Airport From the Center of BA

Getting to and from the EZE airport without paying an arm and a leg can be quite a challenge these days. Taxi is the most common transport method taken by travelers, but the cab fares in Buenos Aires seem to be increasing steadily on weekly basis (and my paycheck certainly isn’t keeping up!). In fact, my newest budget tactic is staying out until morning when I do go out at night, so that I can take the subte back home rather than pay for a cab (subte opens at 5 am by the way!).

However, today I find myself facing the airport dilemma–asking locals for the cheapest remis companies, Googling alternative routes of transportation, and seriously contemplating the idea of hitch hiking. But good news….

There IS a cheaper alternative to taxis!!!

If you need to get to the EZE airport, take a bus to the Manuel Tienda Leon Station in Retiro. From here, a bus shuttle leaves every 30 minutes for the airport. You can make a reservation online (click here) or show up 30 minutes in advance to book your spot. The average cost is approximately $60 AR pesos for the shuttle, which is a steal compared to the $160+ cab fare it would cost (and of course this is the native Porteno cost, not factoring in the tourist tax that many cab drivers will hit you with!!).

Happy travels and safe flights for New Years everyone!!

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