The Porteno Package = Spanish + Tango Classes

“Soy Porteño.”

Residents of Buenos Aires distinguish themselves from other Argentines by referring to themselves as Porteños, meaning people of the port. This strong cultural identity dates back to the 1880’s, when millions of immigrants from Italy, Spain, France, Poland, and Germany entered the country. The immigrants became concentrated in the Norther section of Buenos Aires and while living in such close proximities, their different cultures blended to create a new art forms–Tango was one of them.

Originally, tango was the soundtrack of the immigrant slums. It was the music that provided a little cheeriness and an outlet of escape for dancing. Eventually, it became popular among the middle-working class and then even more refined as it worked its way into the upper-class social circles. The theme of tango though, remains unchanged–love.

The love for the “barrio” and the porteño lifestyle, despite the hardships. The love between a man and a woman, despite the complications. And unfortunately, the lack of love that results from prostitution and sexual slavery, which was quite common in Rio de la Plata until the 1920’s. Love and sadness are very closely related, and their relationship is examined in the music and dance of tango.

Luckily, the breathtaking art of Tango is still preserved in Buenos Aires today with street performers in San Telmo, Milongas located all over the city, and dance schools eager to teach both residents and visitors, alike.

To give you a true Porteño experience, LV Studio has partnered up with one of Buenos Aires’ elite tango schools, DNI Tango, offering a package that combines Spanish language classes and Tango dance classes!

The package includes:

  • A four week Spanish language course, which meets for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week.
  • 10 Tango dance classes at DNI Tango School
  • 1 evening Tango dance show, which you watch
  • 1 milonga night, which you can choose to participate in

The price for this exclusive package is just $500 USD!!! We can also arrange for you to have lodging accommodation, if you need.

For more information on the package, please contact us at



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