Christmas Around the World!

The Christmas Tree of One of Our American Staff Members!

Every country and culture has their own unique way of celebrating Christmas, and each family within that culture has even more of their own traditions. Almost no two families celebrate the same way! There is some sort of food, ritual, drink, or event that makes Christmas a unique experience for all of us. We couldn’t help but notice the range of traditions among our students passing through the studio. Americans have begun baking cookies, South Korean students have been telling us about the light shows in Seoul, Australians have mentioned the carols by candlelight in Melbourne, and Argentines are looking forward to their Christmas eve celebrations.

We thought it would be interesting to hear what your country’s/family’s Christmas celebrations include, and what traditions make Christmas special for you! To give you a point of comparison, we will share the typical Christmas rituals of Argentina:

Festivities are primarily held on the 24th of December because Argentine’s believe in celebrating the actual birthday of Christ. They attend an evening church service and then head home to have a toast of drinks with family and close friends. The children open up their gifts and the young adults head out to celebrate with friends at bars/boliches. The 25th of December is a day where the entire family gathers together around the table for a large feast of foods and desserts.

Now, tell us how you celebrate!!


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One Response to Christmas Around the World!

  1. My family celebrates by starting off with our tradition Pepperoni Bread, then followed by baking cookies (of course), continues with the wrapping (which are always signed with cute pet names…i.e: To: My doe From: Your buck) ❤ hehe i loveeeeee this time of year .. when family comes together!

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