{ Peru Beach in San Isidro }

When travelers want to get out of Buenos Aires for the day, they usually head North to the small town of Tigre. It’s only a 45 minute train ride from Retiro station and costs just $4 pesos round trip! The town is situated on a small island, connected by by several streams and rivers. You can go to the fruit market, enjoy a ride on the boat taxi, eat at an outdoor parrilla, or soak up the sun and sip mate in the park (like a true porteño!).

But if you’re looking to go a little off the beaten path to a spot with fewer tourists, we suggest checking out Peru Beach in San Isidro. It may not be on TripAdvisor or Wikipedia, but it is well known among locals for the incredible windsurfing and beautiful views. Grab a beer and watch the sunset from a canvas lounge chair, that overlooks the water spotted with brightly colored wind surfers.

If the ridiculously late Buenos Aires nightlife doesn’t have you sleeping in until 3 pm every morning, it is possible to do both Tigre and San Isidro in one day. Just take the train from Retiro to Tigre (the very last stop) and on the way back get off at the San Isidro stop (2 away from Tigre). Then continue on back to Retiro station in Buenos Aires.

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