Sunday’s San Telmo Market

What would happen if all the good food and live music from a street fair collided with the bohemian flare of a craft market?

The answer? The San Telmo Market.

Buenos Aires is well known for its many ferreterias,  which take place in touristy spots such as the Recoleta cemetery and Plaza Serrano, but the San Telmo Market on a Sunday afternoon takes the cake! You can find everything there from Alpaca sweaters, to cowhide rugs, to handmade and antique jewelry. And did I mention the live tango performances on the street corners?!

Visiting the San Telmo market on a Sunday afternoon is a must for any tourist in Buenos Aires. Begin by rummaging through the antiques in Plaza Dorrego, then work your way down Defensa Street stopping to admire all of the handmade leather goods, mate gourds, and art work. Stop and listen to some live music while sipping on a fresh squeezed orange juice. 

And make sure you grab a burrito from ‘Burrito Boy’ on the corner of Defensa and Chile. He doesn’t have a restaurant, but her has a large styrofoam box that pack some of the best homemade burritos you can find (and certainly the best in Bs As!). He will be rather hard to miss, because at just $10 pesos a burrito, he has become a local food celebrity with quite a loyal following. 

Keep working your way down Defensa and take in all of the street performers and tango dancers, who share are eager to share their talents with the public. As the market winds down later in the evening, enjoy a beer with a view of more tango back in the Plaza Dorrego, which transforms into an outdoor Milonga. 

If you find yourself as crazed with the tango culture as most visitors do in Buenos Aires, then try it out for yourself! LV Studio has partnered up with DNI Tango School, one of Buenos Aires most renowned dance schools, and offers special packages with reduced pricing on Spanish classes combined with tango classes!

For more information and pricing, check out our list of offerings or contact us via e-mail at



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