50% Off Food and Drinks at La Cabrera Steakhouse!!

Looking to have a great meal out, without spending a ton of money?

Then check out the happy hour deals to be had at La Cabrera Monday thru Thursday from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. The entire check (yes, this includes drinks, appetizers, and entrees) is 50% off if you arrive at the door by 7:00 pm sharp!

La Cabrera is considered of the top steak houses in the city, and it fits into a backpacker’s budget during happy hour! The bife de lomo is divine and the kobe beef empanadas make for an incredible starter. Of course, you’ll have to wash all of this goodness down with a bottle of Malbec wine from the Mendoza region…also 50% off!

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2 Responses to 50% Off Food and Drinks at La Cabrera Steakhouse!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This Happy Hour is the best deal in Buenos Aires. My friends and I go almost every week since we have been in Buenos Aires. The Bife de Lomo is amazing, but they are super strict about the time you arrive, so be there by 7 pm sharp (or you’ll be standing outside the window just watching everyone eat their divine dinners….been there, done that!)

  2. dane domain says:

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