Hola to all Spanish learners!

Spanish immersion in the Cordoba mountains:  This is perfect for those who like to travel and explore! We spend three days going to different towns in the province of Cordoba. When it’s summertime we spend part of the day, having a pic-nic by the river and swimming. It’s a great experience! Let’s not forget the main purpose which is to speak Spanish all day long for three days.

In the evenings, depending on the interests and budget of the group as a whole, we cook dinner or go out to a restaurant, or go for drinks or dancing, and meet the locals.

This activity is ideal for preintermediate and intermediate students who want to improve their speaking and listening skills. You can DEFINITELY notice the difference after the trip!
If your level of Spanish is basic, we do the immersion experience for 5 or 6 hours a day, and let you rest  at night 😉

On Thursday 19th of February we are leaving from Buenos Aires to the Cordoba mountains for a 3-day Spanish immersion experience.

This trip is specially designed for those pre-intermediate/intermediate students who need more Spanish practice and want to combine travelling, making friends, and having fun!

ACCOMMODATION: We’ll be staying in Cosquín, in a home, sharing hostel-like facilities. Here are some videos:


WHAT WE’LL DO:We’ll visit different towns around the area, such as the Capilla del Monte, Carlos Paz, and the city of Cordoba. If weather permits, we’ll spend part of the day swimming and doing a picnic by the river, o going for walks on the mountain. All of the activities are in Spanish, with two instructors.

The idea is to relax, and be immersed in the Spanish language, in a real context.

Minimum: 3 students. Maximum: 10. There aren’t that many places, so make your reservation in advance!

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: a week before.

For more information on this immersion program or for Spanish lessons, come by our office in Palermo Soho to meet us, or call 😉

We look forward to travelling with you!

LV Studio Staff
Charcas 4776, 9th floor, apt. C (between Oro and Godoy Cruz)





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